Panoramadai Sounkyo Hokkaido



Panorama Dai is a fantastic hiking trail in the mountain village of Sounkyo Hokkaido. This trail offers a great alternative to hiking Kurodake and although it doesn't reach the same elevations it does offer incredible views of the Sounkyo valley and of Kurodake itself.

The trail itself is initially quite steep and although well marked it would appear that it doesn't get a lot of use. The trail winds its way through many kinds of vegetation from walnut trees to the ubiquitous Sasa a kind of bamboo. The trail continues steeply until it reaches the ridge whereby it mellows out and the surrounding foliage becomes a little more sparse. Eventually the track finishes rather abruptly on top of a very large Bluff and you find yourself feeling rather precariously perched in the middle of a huge valley and it is here that you can truly appreciate the surrounding scenery.

The beginning of the trail is easy to find and is located across the river from the village where you will find Seikomart (conveniance store) and the ropeway. Simply cross the bridge and walk up and to the right and you will see the sign marking the trailhead. Happy hiking!


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