Sapporo Autumn Festival in Odori Park



Sapporo Odori Park once again lights up for a festival. The Autumn Festival, not as well known as the Winter Snow Festival or Sapporo Beer Festival, is a great place to be for lovers of food and drink. If anything the Autumn Festival is a festival of food with the best selection of food better than all the other festivals put together, so for the food lover this is the festival for you. We'll leave the pictures below let you decide that.

It kicks of in September and goes through until the early October. Music, playing and relaxing in the park, and eating great fair and drinking is what you can expect.

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Simon Ramsay

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Originally from Aotearoa, I now call Niseko my home and enjoy the natural all seasons this place offers. My first camera was a Ricoh point and shoot film camera when I was 13, circa 1985.

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