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The exciting thing about exploring Hokkaido is that there is just so much to see. All across the island there are inumerable places to go and things to do. The photographs below are of a tiny blink and you miss it spot just a few kilometers east of Yubari.

Yubari itself is a classic small inland Hokkaido town famous for its rather expensive but delicious melons and relatively recent bankruptcy. If you are wondering what expensive means it is not uncommon for a melon to fetch more than $100USD... pricey, yes but get this, the most ever paid for a Yubari melon was $26000USD! One way to bring a town out of recession I guess.

Far from the dizzying prices of Yubari melons this idilic little spot named Takinoue Koen is the perfect place for rest on the drive between Sapporo and Obihiro, here you will find a nice track for a stroll, picnic tables, toilets, freshly mown grass, a nice view and an ice cream shop. Enjoy.

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