City hiking Sapporo, Hokkaido



Sankyakuyama or as it directly translates triangle mountain is a prominent land mark in Sapporo and can be seen from many parts of the city. It is one of many hikes just minutes from the city centre that takes you into the wild and elevates you high above the high rises below.

Sankyakuyama is an easy hike and it takes just 40minutes to climb to the 300m summit. During most of the hike beneath you are canopy of dense bush and you see little other than until you reach a clearing at the top. From here there are great views of the downtown area to the northwest and of Minami-Ku, Maruyama and Moiwayama to the south.  Access is easy, from Maruyama subway station it is about a 5minute drive on route 128 heading toward Otaru. The trailhead is sign posted in English and Japanese. If you are not driving you can easily take a bus from Maruyama station.

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